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Safe: A strong solid, structure that will stand up to extreme elements for centuries rather than decades. Resistant to pest, wind, fire, water and mold.

Sustainable: Built with an emphasis of using recycled products, a green roof system, ultra-low maintenance, re-use water system, zero energy building capability.

Efficient: high thermal barrier, large thermal mass, passive ventilation, natural lighting skylight and shaded windows for a 40% to 50% energy saving over typical home construction.


If you prefer a hands-on approach or are rebuilding from a natural disaster, our Armour Homes Shell packages offer you protection from the elements in a quick start and economical way, allowing you to customize your home by doing various levels of finish work yourself.

DIY homes can be difficult to finance through traditional sources, Armour Homes will finance shell homes to qualified buyers, allowing you to save money and the satisfaction of completing your home, then refinancing with traditional lenders if desired.