About AH/Links

In 1974, H. Duane Moffitt opened the doors of M.C. of Florida to provide construction and consulting services to the west central Florida areas. His services were commercial and industrial in nature and the firm flourished over the years.

In 1992, David Moffitt and his sister, Christina Moffitt Lackay took over the family business when their father retired from the day to day operations of M.C. of Florida. They wanted to continue the business in the way their father had always run it, providing commercial and industrial businesses with solid workmanship and integrity and they had a vision to expand M.C.'s horizons, offering design/build services throughout Florida and beyond. Eventually, this led to the creation of the Moffitt Group, to facilitate the design and development of Hotels, Condominiums and now Armour Homes.

Armour Homes grew from a desire to provide homeowners with a new approach to housing. They felt they could provide a home which is:

    STRONG: hurricane, fire and tornado resistant.
    DURABLE: low maintenance, insect resistant and could last for centuries instead of decades
    GREEN: high efficiency fixtures, reuse of water, high thermal barrier with a green roof.
    AFFORDABLE: comparable to conventional housing.

 After years of research, design and testing from our R&D team led by Bil Spaude, the round house has proven to be most desirable and efficient. Round houses remain that were built in the Iron Age; Broch's are still standing in Scotland. A round house has 15% less outside wall exposed to the elements than a box house per square foot. Wind passes around instead of building up pressure as on a straight wall, allowing for much higher wind ratings. The most important component is the roof. Traditional builders have improved construction methods of exterior walls, but still frame the roofs with lumber, which leads to the most common point of failure in fires and high winds. With our round design, we can achieve a concrete arched roof with no interior supports that completes a truly hardened, low maintenance exterior shell that any turtle would be proud of.

To accomplish all this at an affordable price, Armour Homes developed a patent pending process of pouring concrete exterior walls/roof that have a very high energy rating. They've incorporated a unique garden roof system that insulates, captures rain water and blocks direct sunrays. This may appear at first glance to be a radical departure from accepted architectural forms for home construction, but with increasing natural disasters, higher energy and maintenance costs, plus the shift toward environmental responsibility, Armour Homes can provide your family the protection from the elements in your dream home of the future, TODAY.