About AH/Links

In 1974, brothers H. Duane Moffitt and Thomas G. Moffitt opened the doors of M.C. of Florida to provide construction and consulting services to the west central Florida. Their services were commercial and industrial in nature and the firm flourished over the years.

In 1992, when both brothers retired from the family business, Christina Moffitt-Lackay and her brother David Moffitt took over operations of the family business. They continued the business in the way their father and uncle had always run it, providing commercial and industrial businesses with solid workmanship and integrity with a vision to expand M.C.'s horizons, offering design/build services throughout Florida and beyond. Eventually, this led to the creation of the Moffitt Group, to facilitate the design and development of Hotels, Condominiums and now Armour Homes.

Armour Homes came to be out of a need David Moffitt believed existed in the residential home market. After seeing firsthand the catastrophic destruction created by hurricane Ivan passing through the Cayman Islands in 2004. Mr. Moffitt sought out to blend the durability of commercial construction with the affordability of residential construction with 4 goals in mind.

    STRONG: extremely resistant to hurricane, fire, flood and tornados.
    DURABLE: low maintenance, insect resistant, built to last for centuries instead of decades.
    GREEN: lowest energy uses possible, reuse of water, high thermal barrier, recycled materials.
    AFFORDABLE: comparable to conventional housing allowing accessibility for mass consumption.

 After years of research and testing the most desirable and efficient home, comes from the harmony existing within round spaces found in nature and throughout human evolution. A round house has 15% less outside wall exposed to the elements than a box house per square foot. The weakest component of a home is the roof. Traditional builders have improved construction methods of exterior walls, but still frame the roofs with lumber, which leads to the most common point of failure in fires and high winds. With our round design, we can achieve a low-cost concrete arched roof with no interior supports that completes a nearly indestructible, low maintenance exterior shell that any turtle would be proud of.

This may appear at first glance to be a radical departure from accepted architectural forms for home construction, but engineering at its best is simplicity. The first human created dwellings were round, by merging that simple design with technology, Armour Homes can provide your family with safe, sustainable protection from the elements in your dream home, TODAY.